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Reference: MED-OAL-4

Brand: tactical Medical Solutions

Tacmed Solutions OLAES 4" Bandage

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• Latex Free • Elastic wrap with built in ‘Control Strips’ to prevent inadvertent unraveling • 3 meters of sterile 4 ply gauze can be removed from the dressing pocket • Plastic removable occlusive sheet included in dressing pocket • Transparent press

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Reference: MED-10-0042

Brand: North American Rescue

Chest Seal - Hyfin Twin COMPACT

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HyFin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack from North American Rescue Providing two vented chest seals in one package for treatment of both entry/exit or multiple penetrating injuries to the chest. The 3-vent channels allow blood to escape and provide a fail-

Price R295.00
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Brand: Micro BVM

Pocket BVM™ Bag Valve Mask

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The Pocket BVM™ is one of the most compact, easy-to-use bag valve mask’s (BVM) available on the market today. The Pocket BVM™ is the smallest, fully functional BVM on the market. It is a solid, well-protected emergency kit device that can potentiall

Price R995.00
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Brand: Quikclot

QuikClot® EMS Rolled Gauze

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QuikClot® is a hemostatic agent which rapidly stops blood loss. QuikClot® EMS Rolled Gauze is 3 inches x 4 feet of soft, white, nonwoven, hydrophilic gauze easy-tear pouch Produces no exothermic reaction

Price R490.00
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