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Double Plastic Flexi-Cuffs

Double Plastic Flexi-Cuffs
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Flexi cuffs provide law enforcement and relevant governmental and security agencies with the ability to utilise an inexpensive yet effective method to restrain offenders.

The double lock flexi cuffs are an ideal police and security enforcement tool in that:

  • They are light yet extremely tough (withstand up to 200 kg applied force when locked).
  • They are only a fraction of the cost of traditional steel handcuffs.
  • They do not require keys as in the case of traditional handcuffs.
  • Police and Security Officers can easily carry multiple ‘ready to use’ cuffs in large pockets or on belt / uniform attachments.
  • Transmissible diseases are not easily spread as the cuffs are a disposable product.


  • High strength polyamide / nylon 6 / 6
  • Total length: 89 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 35 g per flexi cuff
  • Strength: 200 kg (locked)
  • Two single, completely enclosed locking heads
  • Standard colour: Black (other colours available based on quantities)
  • Standard packaging: 20 per packet
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Double Plastic Flexi-Cuffs

Double Plastic Flexi-Cuffs

Double Plastic Flexi-Cuffs
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